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The Path of Magic

Publish your Own Oracle/ Tarot Deck. Create extra cash from your art and your readings.

Are you and Illustrator or a Tarot Reader? Have you ever dreamed of having your own Tarot or Oracle deck between your hands? Would you love to have a Tarot deck to show on your portfolio? Follow the  Path of Magic to see your deck out in the world. From the meaning of the cards, to the publishing of your deck, to the creations of the website, to sharing it with the world… The Creative’s Path will help you see your dream deck between your hands.

No need to stress searching on how to make it. Different options lined up for you to choose the best one for you. Take the leap of faith, be bold, be great. 

The Path of the Writer

Are you a writer of worlds? Is your draft half-way? Dusty? Waiting for you to do the bold thing? Follow the Writer’s Path and do the outrageous thing: publish your book. 

Don’t sweat because we’ve got you covered: the webpage and the mojo to share it with the world. Introverts can also shine online and stun the world with epic, fantasy, romance, and crime. Prepare your death-pool because you’re going out your comfort zone by showing your value.

Different options await you for you to choose the best fit for you. The next step? Creating your Writing Empire online. 

Publish your book and enjoy the ride! It's your time to shine! Know how on HerMajestyBlogs.com

The Path of the Coach/ Teacher

Your hands each to share the words that come from your heart. You know deep down that others can follow your footsteps. It doesn’t matter how serious or alternative you look, really. You just need to follow the Path of the Coach and share your experience with the world. 

What you learned about fashion, cooking, setting up a brick and mortar store… you name it! All your knowledge is valuable and precious.

Create your Blogdom and set up yourself to a creative, inspiring and fulfilling experience by creating the foundations of your online community.


*Many pictures are from Unsplash. Check the page and the awesome artists who share their work and make many projects possible.