Pepi Valderrama

Pepi Valderrama

Hi, my name is Pepi, and I’m obsessed with helping people learn how to express themselves online.  That’s why I created Your Majesty Blogs.  I believe if you have something you feel passionate about, you should have your own glorious online kingdom or blogdom where you can share it with the world.   And I can help you to build that blogdom – brick by beautiful brick. 🙂

I am an experienced writer, team leader, creative, and SEO specialist based in Brighton in the UK. But, I lived in Japan for many years, and I’ve been comfortably living out of my comfort zone for some time. And it’s Awesome. And no, it’s not a geographical location, but a badass state of mind. The best things in my life have happened outside of my comfort zone – and blogging has been one of the tools that I have used to keep me there.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Neale Donald Walsch

But how did I become an expert on blog building? 

Was I abducted by aliens?

Am I a wise vampire?

Do I have devilish connections with the Underworld?

The answer to all of these questions is ‘probably’ – but mainly, I gained my skills by stepping out of my comfort zone and being open to learning new things.

I learned how to write about what I loved, how to be a badass with WordPress, how to maximize SEO, marketing, and at the same time, learned the magnificent art of self-love.

I did it brick by brick, risk by risk – it was scary!  But even when I didn’t know everything, I decided to go into battle – with an imaginary crown on my head.

Always act like you’re wearing and invisible Crown.


I wasn’t always so brave, though.  I used to surf the web, looking at blogs and social media run by amazing women.  Some were just women who wanted to share their stories (like The Bloggess), and some were women selling their brilliant skills and unique take on like (The Champagne Diet).   I began to wonder – could I write like that?  Could I be one of those inspiring women?

When I stepped out of my comfort zone, I felt like a mosquito – small and unimportant!

Was I an instant success?  Um, no!

My first blog was a disaster. And yet, it gave me the tools to start learning all about blogging.  I gained those tools by trial and error, because (weirdly) there didn’t seem to be very much detailed, easy to follow information around.  

Thanks to that first failure and the lack of much useful information online, I learned by trial and error, which has led me to have a unique way to approach things. And that’s what I want to now share with you.

If you think you’re too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.

Dalai Lama

So why do I think that you should be blogging, writing, or taking a leap of faith in you?  I personally believe that starting a blog can be one of the easiest and most empowering ways to express yourself and to make money from sharing what you love. You may also have other tools, like social media and online shops (and I can help you with those too!), but my primary mission is to help you to show to the world beautiful self.

With my easy to follow courses, I show you different options to shine your light and expressing yourself online getting the traffic and recognition you deserve. There are a lot of courses out there, so why are mine different? Well, I approach things in a unique and holistic way. I share the confidence I grew by trying again and again, and I invite you to start this wonderful journey with me. I give you the tools to:

ONE: Navigate the emotional world of fear and self-doubt


TWO: Going out of your comfort zone and share your gifts with the World

You’re Royalty.


So, are you up to build your Kingdom and become the best version of you? Are you ready to create the foundations for your future? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and let the magic begin?

If the answer is HELL YES I have different courses where I teach you to go out of the comfort zone and show your beautiful self with the world by learning new skills or just enjoying hobbies and then monetizing them. That’s right: having fun and being unapologetic about it is the key for success. 

Some extra trivia about me 

I was named after a Mummy ancestor: Pepi II, who reigned during the Old Kingdom and who has an inverted Pyramid in the middle of the desert and waits for someone to break into his tomb and damn us all. 

I’m writing a fantasy book with hot fairies and Norse Gods – there’re no mummies in it – yet!

I’m Spanish and Italian. I’ve lived in Japan for eight years. I kill it singing death metal in the Karaoke (it rains inside the room, and lighting thrills everyone!)

I also create my own knitting designs, and I’m a misfit fashionista.

Oh, and I’m also a Queen.