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Build Your Blogdom in 12 Weeks


What if I told you that in 12 weeks, you can show off online everything you know? COVID-19 might have closed us in and out of home for over a year, but it has certainly not diminished our spark. If you’ve dreamt about having a blog and controlling every aspect of it, but shied away due to thinking that the techie part was too difficult for you, don’t fret because, with this e-course, you’ll be the Queen/King! Prepare yourself to have a Blogdom (not a blog, darling, but a Kingdom online) in 12 weeks (or in more if you prefer to take things in a more relaxed way).

That tiny bug that changed everything…

A tiny virus has put the mighty humanity on our knees and forced us to stay home, bake cakes, and knit cardigans. We’ve been sewing cotton masks and tried to manage the kids, moody husbands, nervous dogs, all while trying to control the forever shrinking cookie stash.

While the world has been hiding between walls and waiting for new Government announcements about the jab, we’ve gone from taking pictures at the seafront to rock our pj’s and our bird-nest hair. We went from putting on enough makeup on our faces to hide our souls, to meet our friends on ZOOM with funky ponytails and sleepy faces with no makeup at all.

We’ve gone from caring what others might think of us, to “to hell, I’m tired of this situation, here I am on Zoom.”

Let me state that again:

We’ve gone from doing what we think society wants us to do, to actually giving the middle finger and starting to be ourselves

Now, darling, you have the opportunity of going out of your comfort zone while not moving from home.

Whoever told you that technology wasn’t for you was staggeringly wrong, darling. With some guidance, you will manage a Blogdom. Not a blog, but a Blogdom, a Kingdom online of your making.

Whoever told you that your wild ideas for a blog weren’t smart enough was massively inaccurate, sweetheart. There’s a niche for absolutely everything online (and offline too).

Whoever rolled their eyes when you explained your online business idea was gravely mistaken. Put it out in the world, and take your chances! (I can assure you that if you do nothing, nothing will happen).

Let be clear: when they said that you weren’t enough, that you couldn’t, that you didn’t have what it takes, they were actually talking about themselves and not you.

This is the sign you’ve been looking for! Start your blog now and have your online business creating everything from scratch in just 12 weeks. This is how:

Yup: this is it.

No more procrastination, darling.

No more listening to the naysayers.

Now it’s the time to go out of your comfort zone and make your dream blog come true!

Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.
Roy T. Bennett

So, what’s this e-course about, really?

This is the ultimate guide to become a Queen and slay online and offline. Follow the course and create a Blogdom and show off, darling.

But not only that, you’ll be able to help others who aren’t as daring as you are!

Does your friend Lily want a blog? No problem, after you’ve gone through the whole program, you’ll be able to help your friend Lily.

Does your mate Paul need a push in believing in themself? No problem, you know exactly what to do!

You’ll discover the precious diamond you really are

For letting abundance into your life, you first need to take a step out of your comfort zone. And that means that you’ll be exploring your heart with me throughout this e-course. Why haven’t you shone your light online yet? What’s the fear that got you stuck?

While we’ll be creating the base for your Blogdom, we’ll also take a look at your heart and what stops you from shinning your truth.

You’re the Superhero of your story, darling. It’s time to show it to the world! 

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You’ll create your own Blogdom

You’ll have your blog, and you’ll manage it as the Queen/King you are. After the 12-week program, you’ll have a gorgeous blog that will allow you to have your own Blogdom. You’ll get all the techie nitty-gritty, and also the marketing and design magic that you’ll need to present your creation to the world.

This jam-packed course will enable you to have the confidence to start things, organize yourself and your time, and put to work your ideas out there.

Yes, maybe you’ll be working in your pj’s. But you’ll show off all your might.

Just explore the curriculum of the course. But, in loose terms, this is what you’ll get:

  • The confidence to go out from your comfort zone in your pj’s and rocking that messy hairdo. Because you’re amazing always.
  • A blog entirely made by you and ruled by you. Who else but her/his/their Majesty? (And yes: you’ll be the cool friend who can  help your friend Amyly in creating her own blog!)
  • The insight of a God(dess) to make marketing and SEO tricks work for you. Loki, go aside. Here you come!
  • The power to organize anything in your life, including the unruly cat that bites all the cables of your computer.
  • The strength to slay naysayers, trolls, and other nasties. Nothing is more powerful than YOU!
  • An open the door to change the attitude that will allow you to have a new career.

Plus: Upgrades!

This cool thing is that this will grow and be updated. As technology changes, the information will be upgraded without you needing to do anything but log in and be willing to learn.

Also, if something is interesting that I discover related to this e-course, I’ll add it too.

In short: it works like one of the Apps on your iPhone 😉

Time to shine, darling!

Get your favorite mug and pour your favorite poison. Join now and make this world a better one sharing your gifts.