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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Conquer the World

Going out of your comfort zone is never as scary as it looks

Join me in this journey of stepping out of your comfort zone. You don’t need to go bungee jumping or on an expedition to do that. You just need the willingness to put a foot out of your comfort zone. The rewards for expanding your comfort zone are a treasure!

My biggest challenge to date has been trusting that I am enough. Self-doubt has plagued me for years and has stopped me from greatness. However, one day I followed the advice of one of my teachers and decided to take part in a speech contest despite the fact of being too afraid to talk in public. Yes, terrorized that people would end up laughing at me or that I would simply disintegrate on the spot, unable to mutter a single word, I embarked on a foolish journey of trying to talk in front of a crowd. At the time, the stress was unbearable. However, that tiny leap of faith in me, that step out of my comfort zone, gave me some of the tools I use today.

Join me in discovering what keeps us stuck and prevents us from greatness. You will see me in my glory talking in front of a camera, something unthinkable if I hadn’t taken part in the speech contest when I was at University.

Ready to expand that comfort zone and start living your wildest dreams? Let’s start!