Publish your Own Oracle/ Tarot Deck. Create extra cash from your art and your readings.

Publish Your Own Oracle/ Tarot Deck


Are you dreaming in publishing your Oracle/ Tarot Deck?

The time is here and now! If you’re an illustrator or a Tarot reader eager to venture into seeing your dream deck between your hands rejoice. In this course I’ll show you everything you need to know to self-publish your deck.

I have self-published with different printing options a total of six decks. I also offered different versions of the same decks at certain points. Thanks to my journey, and some of my mistakes that you won’t repeat, you can know explore all your options and see your deck out in the world.

Creating and publishing a deck is a journey that is thrilling. One that many illustrators and Tarot readers dream of and yet they get caught up with the idea of traditional publishing. When there’re so many options out there, and when we live in an era where we can make it happen with a low budget, why wait?

The time is now to start.

Dreams come true, you just need one step at a time

When I first published my first deck I was clueless on how to do it properly. Thanks to the first version of my Alice in Wonderland Vintage Lenormand, I learned what not to do in order to print a deck readers would love to use.

Tarot decks, Oracle decks, Self-Help decks… these are not only for collectors to enjoy. You want a deck that readers will use, and Youtubers will use in their videos. I’ll also propose to you some wild ideas that will make your deck amazing as well.

Who is this course for?

It’s perfect for illustrators and Tarot readers or whoever interested in the Tarot who would like to have their deck out in the world.

You don’t need to have the artwork prepared yet.

You only need the will and the idea to go forward and the commitment to pursue your dream.

Who isn’t this course for?

Impatient folk. As you create the artwork, you’ll need to come back to this course. A Tarot deck isn’t designed in two weeks nor published in another two! If you are impatient, this is not for you.

Time to create magic!

Gather your tablet, your colored pens, your journal, you Copics, watercolors, and your idea. Grab your camera and be ready to take those pictures for your Oracle deck. Start crafting the fashion of your Tarot characters and take a leap of faith, like the Fool does in the first card of the Tarot.

Let’s start!